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Creating A Plan for Goodwill

Creating A Plan for Goodwill

How do we cope if the joy of the holiday season falls short of our expectations? The process of reconnecting with family can lead to disagreements, especially this year when everyone has been coping with the pandemic. You may find that things have changed from what they once were – or you are still waiting for the change you wanted.

The holidays are an excellent time to take a realistic look at family dynamics. It makes sense to plan for them when it comes time for your heirs to inherit from you. This thoughtfulness can build a legacy that accounts for differences and seeks to even them out as much as possible.

Take time to work out solutions with an experienced elder law attorney. Those who have devoted our service to elders have seen so many situations where careful estate planning can alleviate or avoid family fights over inheritance. 

We have seen sibling rivalry become especially thorny between children of different marriages. Disputes that may have simmered during a parent’s lifetime can boil over in the context of inheritance. We know how to plan to avoid those disputes turning into lawsuits.

We know how to plan to allocate your property when family members have different financial needs. A wealthy child may want to hang on to the property that a less-advantaged child would want to sell for the immediate return. We can help you craft a plan that accounts for these differences.

We know how to construct a plan to care for family members who are more dependent than others, whether that dependency stems from disability, financial or substance-abuse difficulties, or the need for government assistance.

If you married again late in life, we know how to plan to divide the property fairly between stepchildren.

If you have given one child money to start a business, or another to buy a home, or another with student debt, we will help you plan to avoid future disputes between children whom you have not yet favored.

Keep an eye out for family rifts showing up during the holidays, and then come see us. Let us help you leave behind the legacy you want for your loved ones.

Please contact us today at (304) 757-6360 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal matters.

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