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Frequently Ask Questions about Law

What does an attorney do?

Attorneys represent their clients in a variety of areas.  They represent their clients in courts, government agencies, governing bodies and against other parties.  Attorneys also help their clients with a variety of transactional work, such as purchasing real estate, preparing estate planning documents, and starting small businesses.  Attorneys are required to uphold the law and to protect their clients’ best interests.  This is done by effectively communicating with their clients and other parties.  It also requires them to be knowledgeable within their practice area.  Attorneys spend a large amount of their time researching and writing legal documents.

How much does an Attorney cost?

The cost varies by attorney. Attorney fees can be billed by the hour, can be a flat fee, or a combination of both. It is important that the attorney provides their client with a clear understanding of the fee structure before agreeing to represent the client.

When do I need an Attorney?

If you think you need an attorney, you probably do. It is beneficial to seek legal counsel anytime that you think that you need legal help. An attorney can counsel you on how they can help and if it would benefit you to proceed with your matter.

I have never worked with an attorney, what should I do?

Working with an attorney is a partnership. You are expected to cooperate and communicate with them and to be honest with them, even if it could harm your case. You should listen to your attorney as they have taken a lot of time to provide you with their best advice. You should also understand that legal matters are not solved quickly. Most legal matters can be long and drawn out.

What will an attorney do for me?

Not only does your attorney expect you to cooperate with them, but you should also expect your attorney to cooperate with you. They should communicate with you. You should be prepared for an open and honest discussion of your case. Your attorney will discuss the facts of your case and how the facts fit within the law. Expect the attorney to be candid about your case and to keep everything you say in confidence. They will advocate on your behalf to achieve a quick and fair resolution. Their fees should be made clear at your first visit and put in writing.


“A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.”

– Abraham Lincoln